Are you really satisfied with everything?If yes,are you sure?If not,what are you doing about it?

We often tend to think that we can really satisfy ourselves fully.We get to buy stuff,engage ourselves in leisure activities,own loads and loads of property and so on.But the question still remains,do we really get to satisfy ourselves more so our souls?Some even spend their whole lives looking for wealth hoping to get satisfied as the wealth increases. Do these people really get satisfied in the end?Many have too much,but none enough.Yes,sometimes we can really be happy enjoying family times and everything good that this world could ever give.I mean,we all like to feel good.We actually do everything we can to feel good.The weird part about feeling good is the feeling only lasts for a couple of minutes,hours,days or even months.We as humans tend to long for permanent happiness. At some point we all get to break down and a part of us feels empty then we go back to trying to fill the void by buying stuff,engaging ourselves in fun activities.Yes we end up feeling good again but just for a while.Have you ever thought that maybe the part of you that you keep trying to satisfy cannot be satisfied with worldly pleasures ? Sometimes you can even lose the point of doing everything more so the point of living. Satisfying your soul is actually the hardest thing ever especially for people who have no idea of how to do so.Most of us end up satisfying ourselves in the wrong ways.These wrong ways often lead to addiction and absurd behaviour. For the years I have lived on this earth,it’s obvious that I have stumbled trying to look for ways or rather things to satisfy my soul.Yes I possess some of the latest Dior,I’ve done most of the things crazy teenagers do,visited fancy places and eaten like all of the good stuff but there was always a part of me that still felt empty. I could find myself being sad over nothing. It’s like I couldn’t find permanent satisfaction in like everything. But then things began to change when I gained interest in knowing God.I got to read my Bible and also some Christian literature,pray and sometimes just sing some songs of praise and worship. I began to feel a sense of inner satisfaction. I started feeling whole.This is when I actually realized that I had been trying to satisfy my soul in the wrong ways.God is actually what I really needed. Reading the Bible was like enriching my soul with good stuff.It was like feeding my soul.I know not everyone in this world believes in God.But I do believe in His word and also His existence cause it does feel good to believe and place your hope and trust in something.Believing is seeing. Getting to know Him more each and every day and living by His word really gives me an unexplainable kind of happiness. Permanent happiness that brings me inner satisfaction. It’s a special kind of joy that not everyone knows of.So the question still is,how are you satisfying your soul?Are your ways really helpful?If not,how about you give God a chance.



How is it supposed to feel when you lose everything you’ve worked for for years?How am I supposed to go on when life gives me a blow?How do I get back on my feet?Show me how to turn back time and relive my life all over again.Tell me how to feel alive again.Tell me how to fill the void.Tell me how to add more seconds to the life of a lost loved one.Tell me what I want to hear. Tell me that I am safe .Tell me that I am perfect. Tell me that I can get through this.Tell me that I am strong.Tell me to move on.Tell me how to distract myself. Tell me how to numb the agony.Do not tell me to get help.Do not tell me to attend counselling sessions. Do not tell me that I am breaking inside.Do not tell me to seek medical attention.What do I really want?I just don’t know.It feels like I am escaping reality.I don’t feel like talking about it but it feels better when I write it all down.

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